E3 Health

E3 Health is healthcare innovation venture company aiming to achieve "Healthy Living" with health management smart devices and supplies to provide tools to manage health.

Product Lists:

Bon Lotus Disinfectant Spray:

Kill Bacteria At Its Source, Reduce Risk of Infection/ Outbreak, Multi-Purpose Disinfection, Safe, Natural and Easy Use.

Highly effective in killing pathogens, bacteria, fungi, spores, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Removes Odor Instantly instead of covering up odor-causing particles. Leaves no chemical residue, changes into Saline water. Safe for residents and healthcare professionals. 

Reduce the risk of infection by killing infectious pathogen to limit transmission and provide safer infection managed environments to benefit all. Disinfect healthcare facility environment and reduce the risk of the outbreak such as during flu season. Spraying Bon Lotus kill the airborne infectious virus on contact, provide a better living environment for residents. Suitable for immunodeficient/ suppressed patients; provide a layer of protection from infectious pathogens.

Easy to use, convenient, effective disinfection spray, worry-free disinfectant for biological or environmental impact. pH level precisely controlled for effectiveness and natural to human skin tissues. Effective in a home, clinical, and any environment to reduce the risk of infections and odors. Sprays Fine Mist to catch more particles and effectively provide disinfection/ deodorization.